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    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 18 - The Last One......Honestly!

    It's our last show..........for realz this time!

    And what a final note to bow out on.  The 32 year wait for the sequel to 'Return Of The Jedi' is over's a pretty good film at that.  It's best that we get out of the game before Star Wars becomes uncool again.  So join Phil Gee, Jamie Williams, Spencer Perry, Matt Thompson & Randall Maynard for one last ride as we:

    11:30 - We go into FULL SPOILER mode as we review 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'.

    1:31:35 - Our predictions for 'Episode 8: Say Something Luke'

    1:41:38 - How Do You Market 'Rogue One'?

    1:57:00 - Our thoughts on the slew of Christmas trailers including 'Captain America: Civil War', 'Star Trek Beyond', and X-Men: Apocalypse'.

    2:27:49 - Some final parting words from a couple of grumpy old men.

    As ever, thank you for your support and God bless.

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 17 - Flyby

    It's the penultimate episode of Movie Moan 2015 and it's not by choice but since it is, we want to give you one last warm and cuddly episode of the podcast before we step away until December.

    First, join Phil and Jamie as we park our arses on a park bench, smoke some Old Toby and reflect on why we're too old for this game anymore (2:48).

    Then join Phil, Spencer Perry and the amazing return of the legendary Randall Maynard for a very special episode of 'Marveling At The Future' in which we cover every last topic that we need to get off our chests:

    What will Marvel Phase 4 contain? - 17:13
    Will Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 be the biggest hit of Summer 2017? - 25:00
    Who will play Captain Marvel? - 31:53
    Is The Punisher hijacking Daredevil Season 2? - 36:47
    Our hopes for Jessica Jones? - 45:30
    Will the Marvel short films ever come back? - 52:42
    What happens with X-Men after Apocalypse? - 1:00:52
    Where is that X-Force movie? - 1:07:07
    Who will be the villains of the Batman solo movie? - 1:09:22
    Is Man Of Steel 2 happening? - 1:17:08
    Will The Flash TV series affect The Flash movie? - 1:22:33
    Why is there a Justice League Part I & II? - 1:31:58
    Is Zack Snyder staying with the DCU after Batman V Superman? - 1:37:05

    Finally, we've a very special treat for everyone.  A big ass 90 minute super treat.  Enjoy - 1:47:20

    See you in December!

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan's Summer 2015 Box Office Results Show

    Note: The opening credits are a little quiet in terms of audio but the rest of the show is fine.  Don't crank it up too high.

    It's time to see just how wrong we were.

    Join the box office predicting team of Phil Gee, Jamie Williams, Ed Douglas, & Shawn Robbins as we reflect back on 16 of the Summer's biggest films and find out who came closest to predicting what they would actually gross.........even if that means being $400 million out.  Just skip to the section on 'Jurassic World' to see what we mean.

    Most importantly, we tally up the scores for all of our web participants who took part in the game.  Make sure you all watch the video version if you did.  If you won a round then you'll get to see your name in bright neon lights; what a treat.

    1.  Avengers: Age Of Ultron - 4:50
    2.  Mad Max: Fury Road - 9:52
    3.  Pitch Perfect 2 - 15:55
    4.  Tomorrowland - 19:24
    5.  Poltergeist - 25:42
    6.  San Andreas - 28:53
    7.  Jurassic World - 35:00
    8.  Inside Out - 43:53
    9.  Ted 2 - 52:35
    10.  Terminator: Genysis - 58:50
    11.  Minions - 1:05:08
    12.  Ant-Man - 1:10:08
    13.  Pan - 1:14:10
    14.  Pixels - 1:16:56
    15.  Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - 1:22:25
    16.  Fant4stic - 1:30:26

    And finally, some early box office predictions for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' - 1:36:02

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 15 - Congratulations England, Ya Just Ruined Buffalo Wings

    It's Phil's birthday and, as usual, there are no people he would rather spend it with than you.  The only problem is, some bloody restaurant chain has been screwing with Phil's favourite food.

    Classic Movie Moan

    Even though we are late to the party, 'Inside Out' has finally opened in the UK and we hope you will indulge Phil, Jamie and Matt while we finally talk about it in some detail (huge whopping Bing Bong shaped spoilers in this review - 6:03).

    After a unique journey of taking a peek at a really rubbish script and then being really impressed by the trailer, one final question remains - is 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' any good?  Would you mind if Phil proper nerdgasms about it?  Didn't think you would (23:35).

    And we wrap with a rational discussion of 'Pixels' and try to explain how there was a genuinely great movie somewhere in this tonally inconsistent mess of a film (55:14).

    Marveling At The Future

    Join Phil, Spencer, and special guest Jen Mayhew as we discuss why 'Wolverine: The Last One (honestly)' has the potential to be the most interesting and emotionally affecting of all the X-Men movies as we say goodbye to Hugh Jackman in the role that defined him (1:07:55).

    Phil has had a few months to think about this and, despite what Latino Review is saying (Billy Zane as the Vulture?  Really?), he is 100% convinced that Mysterio will be the villain in 2017's 'Spider-man Rides Again'.  Let us tell you why (1:36:07).

    And Spencer opens up the debate to settle once and for all what we believe is a misunderstood notion - do Marvel's Cinematic Universe baddies suck? (1:44:44)

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 14 - Baskin Robbins Knows Everything

    Join Phil, Jamie, Matt & Spencer for a fun and zippy ride through the aftermath of Comic-Con as we devote an entire show to everything currently happening within film's most un-killable genre.

    We begin with a review of Marvel's Ant-Man, whose only real connection to the MCU seems to be guessing how Ice Cream behemoth Baskin Robbins will play into future films (11:45).

    We then jump into the entirely predictable predicament we find ourselves in regarding the premature reaction to the pics from 'X-Men: Apocalypse'.  At this point, they're giving us literal translations of the crazy costumes.  So why is that not enough? (33:08)

    And since we can't shut up about this franchise, we tell you whether it's worth double dipping to pick up a copy of 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past: The Rogue Cut' (45:44).

    Next up is our thoughts on the trailer for 'Suicide Squad'; how huge it's going to be with the general public thanks to the presence of Harley Quinn, how bored Will Smith looks in it, why we can never learn to just give a new Joker a chance, and how Warner Bros. marketing strategy is completely destroyed thanks to the premature reveal of this footage (56:30).

    Then we finally talk about the latest footage for 'Batman V Superman: MEEEEEANWHILE BACK AT THE HALL OF JUSTICE'.  I can't guarantee we'll tell you anything you haven't already heard but you'll listen to us anyway right? (1:17:13)

    And finally, Jamie and Matt watch and join the conversation on 'The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?'.  Really, it's just an excuse for more Nick Cage impressions (1:32:30).

    And we do have time to poke fun at future President Donald Trump.  Enjoy!

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here: