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    Aspen's Big Dog Ink Presents "Critter #1" Preview - Released Today

    Tom Hutchison – Story / Mike Krome – Art / Nei Ruffino - Colors

    The newest re-mastered debut from Aspen’s Big Dog Ink imprint has arrived!

    As a young girl, Cassia grew up as a tomboy who learned karate, ran track and took gymnastics. One day when a little girl is kidnapped for ransom, she finds out that she might have what it takes to be a superhero. But, little does she know that being a hero was always in her blood!

    Featuring re-mastered content, an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Critter, creator commentary and more! Don’t miss out on the second of Aspen’s all new BDI launch titles with the premiere of CRITTER #1!

    CRITTER #1 is in stores July 8th, 2015!


    Comic Reviews: Week Of 4/23/14 - Batman Eternal #3, Original Sin #0

    I'm slowly starting to bring back my comic reviews, and if you've read my work before I moved to ThinkMcFlyThink, than you'll probably be familiar with my style and content. Before I used to only review DC Comics. However, now I'm going to try and move forward into other companies. However, this week I'm only going to review a couple comics to get things started. My reviews won't always be on time on Wednesdays, but does that really matter? My reviews contain SPOILERS, sorry but I treat reviews as merely discussions of the content I've read. After all, how can you discuss something without being truthful about some plot twists and turns?

    Batman Eternal #3

    Batman Eternal #3 is amazing, literally. It's big in scale and feels exactly how a Batman comic should. There's suspense throughout and the quick pacing of it makes you really feel for the characters involved. And honestly, I prefer Jason Fabok's artwork in Batman Eternal to Greg Capullo's in the main Batman book, but neither artists are better than the other. It's just a personal preference, as I feel Fabok's artwork really meshes with the story told in this book.

    What I specifically like about Batman Eternal is that it's somewhat putting the characters of Gotham City in a position we have yet to see. A conspiracy that's bigger than Batman can solve? We've seen that, but we've never quite seen Jim Gordon in a helpless situation where he's been locked up, and is somehow the key pivotal part of the story. Well, not to my knowledge anyway. The first issue made you grasp onto your hope that nothing bad would happen to Commissioner Gordon, whilst the second issue tore that hope away and replaced it with confusion. The third sort of changes the focus now to the bigger scheme in Gotham and how Gordon plays into it, and it's an all-out action-packed issue as well.

    This book sort of reminds me of what I've read so far in the pilot script for FOX's Gotham TV show, which features nothing but corruption in the police force and the controller of it is Carmine Falcone. Except in Eternal, it's Falcone returning to Gotham after being forced out and he's now got the city by it's balls, controlling not only the police force but the criminal underground as well. He's blowing up The Penguins' weapon caches and keeping Batman busy and that's what I like about this story - it's an all-out war in Gotham City and it's protectors are helpless. The pace is quick and to the point, and with the book being weekly, that won't be a problem for readers as the fix it easily there without the long waits. Also, the continuity return of Stephanie Brown is nothing but a welcomed thing and it seemingly feels like she'll fit right in with the fact that her father is involved with this Gotham criminal revolution. She's very similar to the version of the character in the old DC continuity, but there's also something fresh about her in this series. In all, this book has a strong grip on the reader and it's incredibly hard to let it go. I tend to avoid review scores...but I'd give this book a perfect 10/10.

    Marvel's Original Sin #0

    Marvel's Original Sin #0 really, really surprised me. Why? Because it was actually a well thought-out and written comic book that was handled with care. It used a unique character to give the audience some information, and it answered some questions about the Marvel Universe as well as asking some more. Previously, I have had no idea what Original Sin was about. I don't keep up with Marvel anymore, and honestly, their events have been complete trash ever since Civil War. X-Men Schism, Avengers Vs X-Men, Age of Ultron...all of it was at the quality of anal leakage, but hopefully that has changed since Original Sin was really, fucking good and has grasped me to read on.

    The best part about Original Sin #0, in my eyes, is that it helped me catch up with what I needed to know in order to hopefully understand the coming events of this comic series. Nova is the surrogate for the audience and helps explain everything and even asks the questions that we are burning to know. Sam Alexander is bleedingly charming as Nova and seems like a relateable enough teenager, a polar opposite of the version in DisneyXD's Ultimate Spider-Man. I've got to admit, as well, some of the dialogue is pretty damn funny. It's got some neat quips here and there that made me chuckle, but never went super overboard with it. Again, what I like about Marvel events is that even though they can be convoluted garbage, they catch you up with what you need to know.

    This issue provides a lot of backstory for The Watcher, something I don't think we've had before. We see his origin and how he came to be "The Watcher" and the question of why he never intervenes with the Marvel Universe's business is answered, and it's quite tragic. And although the comic reeks of exposition since The Watcher doesn't talk, it's done in a good way that keeps the pace moving quickly. It's all from Nova's point of view, interestingly enough. However, the use of Nova in this comic wasn't useless at all, as we learn more about him and get a big reveal about his past that's even important to the new readers - his father is alive. Uatu speaks for the first time - in quite a while - to inform Sam and give him some life guidance, and I thought it was a really nice touch to finish off the comic.

    Overall, Original Sin #0 is a great, fun read for any fan of comics and hopefully the event doesn't spiral into nonsensical chaos like every other thing Marvel has done eventually did. There's some cool peeks at different, alternate dimensions in this issue as well, one featuring a black Captain America. If you look at the panels and pay close attention, you may spot some cool easter eggs.  Anyway, buy this book.


    Review: Batman #29 - Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo

    Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo bring out another fantastic issue of the current Batman arc, Zero Year. And to be honest, I haven't been paying much attention to comic book news since I stopped getting press packages from DC Comics suddenly, but I binged through Zero Year before #25 came out and got instantly hooked on the story. I never liked the idea of Zero Year, but it's excellently executed. It's not a cash-grab filler event to get Batman busy during Forever Evil and it's not an unnecessary replacement for other Batman origins. So now that the events of Zero Year and The Riddler's plans are finally being set in motion, what makes Batman #29 a must-buy comic?

    First off, it starts off pretty emotional with a flashback to The Wayne Family when Bruce was a child and still with his parents. It's a sweet talk but it also slightly changes the events leading up to  the murder of the Wayne Family which is again, flashed back to later in the comic. What I enjoy about this memory of Bruce Wayne's is that it's so important to the character, so you can't change it too much, however you can change some conditions without ruining some of the Batman mythology. In other words, that flashback is incredibly important not only to the Batman character as a whole, but this issue as well. This is Bruce in his first months as Batman taking on a threat that wants to destroy the entire city and completely has the means to do so. It pushes Bruce to the limit before he even gets a chance to prepare, and that's what I like about recent origin stories like Arkham Origins and Zero Year.

    Batman #29 is an incredibly suspenseful and long issue. From the get-go, it's action-packed and Gordon is in a rush to secure sections of the city when he gets a call from Batman. This leads to both men being engaged in a race against time to stop The Riddler from executing his takeover of Gotham City, even though no one sort-of truly knows what it is. From attempting to get the jammer to disable Riddler's device to confronting Doctor Death, one of Batman's earliest attempts at heroism may be his greatest. In addition to that, Jim Gordon also plays a pretty important role in this story and the Zero Year arc as a whole, similarly yet so different from Frank Miller's famed Year One. To summarize, There's so many moments in Batman #29 that make your jaw drop and your heart race. The ending is a superb cliffhanger that will leave you hanging until #30. As always, the art department make this book look AMAZING. I have always been in love with Capullo's designs, and FCO Plascencia's colors. The other talent involved also help make this book look how good it is, and even if it wasn't a book about Batman, this would be one of DC's best-sellers.

    I have little minor issues with this comic because it's just so damn well written and drawn. I kind of felt that this issue had a little bit too much fan-service such as the line "The Goddamn Batman" as well as a full-page panel that is reminisce of a previous and famous Batman work. I also found the Bat-Blimp slightly ridiculous, but thankfully it didn't last too long. Nothing in this comic is truly detrimental to the storyline and that's my true, honest opinion. Usually there's something in a Scott Snyder storyline that irks me to no end, but this arc has been pretty much perfect and widely cinematic in scope. Zero Year would make for a fantastic film; animated or live-action. If you're not busy, get off your ass and purchase this at your local comic shop or head over to Comixology now.


    John Romita Jr Joins DC Comics


    DC Comics dropped a huge bombshell earlier this week with the announcement of a new creative team on the Superman title at the company. Generally a creative shift in books wouldn't garner much attention, but when a creator associated with one company jumps to another it creates waves. John Romita Jr is primarly known for his time at Marvel working with Greg Pak on World War Hulk, Brian Bendis on Avengers, and recently Captain America with Rick Remender. He's also likely well known for his work on Kick-Ass with Mark Millar with those stories recently being adapted into feature films.

    While this announcement is huge, the writing duties will also shift from Scott Lobdell to Geoff Johns who is DC's top writer at the moment. Lobdell has been less than desireable on the title since coming on to it so a huge creative change like this may just be the thing to help sales on the book rise.

    IGN got a few words from Romita Jr:

    JRJR: [Laughs] Honestly, his first reaction was his eyes were wide open. “Are you really going to do this?” We have gone back and forth in discussions with the DC guys on two or three occasions before this. He said, “Are you really going to do it this time? You’re not going to just tempt them and leave them in a lurch.” I said, “No, and if I did that before, I feel stupid. I wouldn’t do that again.” When I did make the decision, he said, “Good. If you’re happy, I’m happy.” He said, “I have no allegiance anymore. I’ve been retired since 1996.” He said, “Whatever’s good for you, whatever’s good for your family,” and he said, “Best of all, it’s something that’s different and something new, something you would never consider,” which were the words that came out of my mouth a short time before that. He’s very biased, but he’s very happy.

    No date has been set for their first appearance on the book, but Scott Lobdell's run currently heads up until April with #30.


    "Executive Assistant: Assassins #17" Preview

    Vince Hernandez ­ Writer / Jordan Gunderson ­ Art / Teo Gonzalez - Colors
    The second part of Blood Origin!
    The Blood Origin three-part storyline continues as Executive Assistant Daffodil learns the painful truth that a life devoted to the training of women in the art of killing can lead to unintended and fatal results. And, this lesson may prove to be her last, as the reality of this existence may prove too much to survive even for her!

    Covers by Jordan Gunderson, Tina Valentino and Mirka Andolfo.
    EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #17 is in stores December 31st, 2013!


    Happy Batsgiving


    From DC Comics:

    Holy hidden easter eggs, Batman! Did you catch today’s new episode of “DC All Access”?

    If you did, you heard Batman Group Editor Mike Marts discuss the intriguing new Batman Eternal image that Scott Snyder revealed to the world this morning. Drawn by Jason Fabok, the illustration features over twenty key characters in a Thanksgiving-inspired pose. But that’s just the start. Marts suggests taking a close look at Commissioner Gordon, but that’s just the start of the secrets and mysteries to be found within this illustration.


    "Executive Assistant: Assassins #16" - Aspen Comics

    Vince Hernandez ­ Writer / Jordan Gunderson ­ Art / Teo Gonzalez - Colors
    A brand-new Assassins storyline begins!
    The ³Blood Origin² three-part storyline kicks off as the cruel history of the first Executive Assistant Academy forged many years ago is brutally exposed. Nestled alongside a barren and treacherous mountain range in China, within a spiritual Chinese village of hard living--a school of honor and discipline was introduced that would change the landscape forever. Meet Daffodil, the first graduate of the academy, as she discovers that a new world awaits those who cannot only fend for themselves but also, use theirvicious abilities to help those of great power!
    EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #16 is in stores November 6th, 2013!


    "Charismagic #6" Preview - Aspen Comics

    Vince Hernandez ­ Story / Vincenzo Cucca ­ Art / Emilio Lopez, Erick Arciniega - Colors
    Be prepared because everything you thought you knew about magic is about to vanish!
    The wizard Kon faces his greatest challenge, as he must make amends for the past by battling the combined might of Orlana, Serké and Samsun, with only the witch Dura by his side. Meanwhile, in the Golden Hall, Hank, Sudana and Sparkles must make a devastating choice�to either fight their friends Alle and Hector, or allow the Realm to be overtaken by their dark magic. And the fight for Earth worsens, as battle lines are further drawn by the most unexpected source, and the fate of the very planet will lay in the balance!
    CHARISMAGIC #6 is in stores November 6th, 2013!


    "Trish Out of Water #2" Preview - Aspen Comics

    Vince Hernandez ­ Story / Giuseppe Cafaro ­ Art / Ruben Curto, Studio Parlapá - Colors
    What would you do if your life was turned upside down-- before it even really started?
    After the shocking and life-altering discovery in her home, and the subsequent reveal that her boyfriend was cheating on her behind her back, Trish quickly realized that her life will never truly be the same. However, the discovery that she may be something altogether more amazing will lead to even further questions than she could have ever imagined�including who is now out to kill her!
    Aspen¹s own Vince Hernandez is joined by the artistic talents of Giuseppe Cafaro and Ruben Curto to bring to you Aspen¹s newest hit series, TRISH OUT OF WATER!  
    TRISH OUT OF WATER #2 is in stores November 6th, 2013!


    Marvel Comics LEGO Variants For 10/23

    Check out the LEGO variants for the Marvel books being released this week. These variants are a lot of fun and have generally been showing an homage to a classic cover in the Marvel library. Each one has been going pretty quickly because of how cute they are and also for an affordable price.

    Iron Man #17

    Indestructible Hulk #14

    Secret Avengers #10