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    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 14 - Baskin Robbins Knows Everything

    Join Phil, Jamie, Matt & Spencer for a fun and zippy ride through the aftermath of Comic-Con as we devote an entire show to everything currently happening within film's most un-killable genre.

    We begin with a review of Marvel's Ant-Man, whose only real connection to the MCU seems to be guessing how Ice Cream behemoth Baskin Robbins will play into future films (11:45).

    We then jump into the entirely predictable predicament we find ourselves in regarding the premature reaction to the pics from 'X-Men: Apocalypse'.  At this point, they're giving us literal translations of the crazy costumes.  So why is that not enough? (33:08)

    And since we can't shut up about this franchise, we tell you whether it's worth double dipping to pick up a copy of 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past: The Rogue Cut' (45:44).

    Next up is our thoughts on the trailer for 'Suicide Squad'; how huge it's going to be with the general public thanks to the presence of Harley Quinn, how bored Will Smith looks in it, why we can never learn to just give a new Joker a chance, and how Warner Bros. marketing strategy is completely destroyed thanks to the premature reveal of this footage (56:30).

    Then we finally talk about the latest footage for 'Batman V Superman: MEEEEEANWHILE BACK AT THE HALL OF JUSTICE'.  I can't guarantee we'll tell you anything you haven't already heard but you'll listen to us anyway right? (1:17:13)

    And finally, Jamie and Matt watch and join the conversation on 'The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?'.  Really, it's just an excuse for more Nick Cage impressions (1:32:30).

    And we do have time to poke fun at future President Donald Trump.  Enjoy!

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:

    Reader Comments (6)

    Really fun show, as usual! I’m proud to say I stand with Jamie on ANT-MAN. A total blast, and top-tier Marvel Studios. I absolutely cannot fathom how somebody could watch the film and think it’s lacking energy. It completely worked for me from start to finish.

    And Phil, you’re dead-on about the FANTASTIC FOUR cast at Comic Con. They looked MISERABLE. Does not bode well for the film!

    07-21-2015 | Unregistered CommenterBrett Blake

    Great show, guys. I am curious why all of you are so down on fantastic four. Good actors, good director, the trailers look good as well to me. As far as Phil's comment about how they looked at comic con, there is a long list of actors/actresses who couldn't stand each other during production and still made good movies. Plus, they were at comic con. I don't think that's any actor's ideal event. I do agree with Matt that the whole event is outdated. It's preaching to a tiny niche of the already converted. And excellent points were made on the podcast about marketing damage.

    Suicide Squad. ... it seems like a grasp for novelty. I can't help but think I'm Looking at a commercial for a G rated movie about Kids in silly costumes pretending to be The Dirty Dozen Lite.

    Phil made a great point about the joker. It has always worked and whichever actor plays the character has stolen the show. I do wonder about the wisdom of using the character over and over. Matt was right that he is the most iconic, but I think we're pushing up to repetitive. As a Bond fan, do you and Jamie feel that it was ultimately a good thing that they lost the rights to Blofeld for decades and had to go in other directions? It's exciting now because it's been a Long time, but if every other movie was 007 vs Blofeld, it would've gotten old.

    As far as the X-Men costumes, I don't see how colorful stuff like what psylocke is wearing is somehow more ridiculous than the black leather costumes they had in the first few films. In for a penny, in for a pound, I say. And I'm going to shame myself by admitting I don't know what Ivan ooze is and have no desire to look it up. Apocalypse looks like a comic villain to me. As he should. The important thing in these films is Singer. He delivers.

    07-24-2015 | Unregistered CommenterCollin

    Great show gang!

    Suicide Squad - pretty unknown property to me and for the average movie goer - they are totally oblivious. This movie needs to be sold. And sold hard.

    Ant Man - looks like fun. Still need to catch it.

    BvS trailer - liked it for the most part. They seem to have captured the best way to set up the conflict between the two characters even though it exacerbates how incongruous the ending to MOS is - ie glossing over the destruction, the kiss, and the horrendous thud the 'welcome to the Planet' makes is even louder now.

    The Kents continue to suffer major character assassination in this iteration of Superman. Now Ma Kent has to vomit out groan inducing dialogue and bear that Snyder cross of Worst Cinematic Foster Parents Ever all alone with that 'you owe the world nothing" nonsense.

    As for X-Men the only flicker of light remaining is that this is the director that helmed Chronicle. Something of that experience has to be at play with this movie. Right? Right?

    Dear Son(Clark)
    "You owe the world everything, you owe the senate everything, go out there and don't make the choice to save people and sacrifice yourself on your own terms, you owe everyone your everything, and don't forget it."
    -Ma Kent.
    Again never telling him not to be a hero, just the basic truth, that like spidey, there is not actual "owing" involved. Just a choice.

    Jeez, have we been this brainwashed by cannon that whenever these filmmakers frame the kents in anything but a 2 dimensional mandated voice piece way, it's seen as evil, psychotic and borderline evil?

    08-1-2015 | Unregistered Commenterjo

    Jo, you make a valid point. I tHink it just comes down to different interpretations of the character. I remember reading a piece on JFK jr discussing how politics were viewed in his home and his shock when he got older at how lowly many people view politicians. Basically, if you came up in that house, you were expected to do something important with your life and it was a given that some sort of public service would be involved. Another end of the spectrum would be the idle Rich heiresses that are celebrated.

    My point is that some viewers see the Kents as exceptional people who feel that we all owe the world something. I'm fine with removing that as long as it's replaced with something interesting. Personally, I don't see where mos did that. If you're going to make Clark more of a regular guy, he needs to be a character. I had no sense of who he was. I watched the first Rocky again recently and was struck by how much of a three dimensional character Balboa was in the film. Great little moments like him practicing a joke he wants to try on Adrian, getting angry with Mickey, turning up the sexuality when he brings his girl back to his place, frustrated and ashamed of poverty, making jokes, etc. If Clark isn't the boy scout (and let's face it: that's a big part of the problem some people have with this new version), he has to be something else. It all feels very blank to me.

    It's worth noting that all we've got on BvS is a trailer. There could very well be something interesting in there. One thing I haven't heard anyone discuss is that Clark seems to be gunning for Bruce (the argument he's having with Perry in the trailer). that's interesting to me. Is it the vigilantism? Is batman a murderer in this? I'm wondering where that will lead. Hopefully to a more fully realized vErsion of Clark, boy scout or not.

    08-2-2015 | Unregistered CommenterCollin

    @Jo - I don't hear any 'you owe' statements in the trailer. I hear , 'be their' or 'be none of them.' 'You don't owe the world a thing. You neve did.'

    Or are you quoting something else?

    We all owe this planet everything. Hero or regular person.

    And in Superman's case he owes more because this planet gives him his powers.

    Have we become so self absorbed that we are only concerned about ourselves? It's a weird dichotomy that is going on today. Technology is removing the gaps between but we are retreating further into our own cocoons.

    The problem with the Kents potrayal in these movies is that Superman is set up to become a hero in spite of his foster parents advice not because of it. I'm all for different interpretations of characters but do ones that are better not worse.

    Does that make for a good hero origin story? YMMV but to me, it's terrible.

    08-2-2015 | Unregistered CommenterLou Sytsma

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