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    Eh, the Indifference - Len Wiseman Directing the Reboot to the Remake of The Mummy

    That sinking feeling of "God, I'm old" settles into the bones when you see Universal is rebooting the remake of The Mummy. The sequels and spin-offs (both theatrical and DTV) are hard to forget. But Stephen Sommers' serialized adventure from May 1999 starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz (Our living answer to Dorian Grey) still works.

    Having squeezed the last ounce of sand (Read: dollar bill) from the Fraser incarnation, crap writers-turned-crap producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are in charge and promise another four-quad friendly Mummy, just darker and modern. So expect the Mummy to be involved with 9/11?

    Enough bashing of K&O for the moment (Their Abrams-absent filmography does that on its own), there has to be a director and oh has Universal found their connoisseur: Len Wiseman. A guy the Internet hates because he started in props, shags Kate Beckinsale on a regular basis and then visually brags in his work. Notice the wide shots of her in white panties in the Total Recall remake. Can't say I blame the guy. Who wouldn't brag?

    His films look great, despite varying degrees of quality. By that I refer to Live Free or Die Hard, assuming you're amongst the general populous who rightly likes it. Not that his participation on a new Mummy will make it any better or worse, let's be honest.

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