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    Johnny Depp Attention-Whores The Lone Ranger Teaser Trailer

    As expected, the teaser trailer to The Lone Ranger is Tonto-centric. Johnny Depp has top-billing, he's doing the voice-over, he’s in the logo (wearing the mask!) and, from how this minute and change plays out, doing all the "cool" action (hiding under a train –Oooooh!) That's great and all, but Armie Hammer is playing the title character. Unless they’re going for Big Trouble in Little China, i.e. the sidekick is the hero.

    Depp's last vanity project-posing-as a summer blockbuster Dark Shadows nose-dived. Will history repeat itself? Too soon to tell. This is a teaser trailer after all. But at face value, it appears he’' following the same mistake, thinking what appealed to him as a kid will spark our attention.

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