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    Want to See Pacific Rim Footage? Here's Vague, but Cool-Looking, Art Instead!

    Guillermo, you're a cool guy. If I ever get to meet you face-to-face, you'd probably be my new best friend (Sorry, Chip). But dude, you've got to stop talking about how cool Pacific Rim looks and show us. Comic-Con sizzle-reels don't count. You could get on stage and fart into a microphone or scream, "FUCK OBAMA! VOTE ROMNEY!" and they'd still go see your new movie.

    This artwork, via Coming Soon, is being showcased at the New York answer to Comic-Con. Yeah it looks cool. It looks cool to a room full of nerds who are gonna see Pacific Rim anyway. Knock this crap off, fellas, and get to the damn trailer already.

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