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    I'll (May) Be Back – Terminator 5 Stalled

    Movie Hole reports Terminator 5 is a no-go, for the time being.

    Appears to be uneasiness towards why it hit a nail in the road. But we all know. Arnold Schwarzenegger's bad press hasn't let up since the "Secret Lovechild with the Nanny" scandal. His recent autobiography and accompanying 60 Minutes interview added more urine to that corpse. Arnold is and will always be the face of Terminator. No amount of Batman actors, Charlie's Angels directors and CGI stand-in Arnolds will prove otherwise.

    Even going for the "Getting the band back together" pitch, a winning formula and the only way to keep Terminator going, still depends on Schwarzenegger's ability to get people in... and he's doing himself no favors as of late. No investor will pony up the $200-$300 million check with that Achilles heel.

    In case you were curious of the pitch:

    "The concept 'would've centered on an alternate timeline in which Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese lived' (as far as I could gather, that interchanging timeline storyline, that would mean the cast of the original film – Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn could reprise their roles.) 'But there's no movie at the moment, thus no locked-in script.', we're reminded again."

    My pal Clint Morris is right when he says J.J. Abrams is owed a 10% gross-fee. That's too close to Star Trek for comfort.

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