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    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 11 - Luke Skywalker's Prostate Exam

    If Jamie has his way, that will be the next title announcement for Star Wars Anthology.  But then, Jamie is sick in the head.  Let's get to the show:

    Classic Movie Moan
    Phil and Jamie are re-united with TMT's box office correspondent Jen Mayhew to review Brad Bird's 'Tomorrowland'.  Phil doesn't want to discuss it any more after this week.  It's too painful (6:50).

    On a higher note, Phil has finally seen 'The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?'.  More than that, Phil can confidently say the documentary makes you feel like you have seen the lost film itself.  Maybe we can do a Supermoan on it at some point (47:08).

    Memo To The Executives
    Phil and Matt Thompson, two of the most passionate fans you will ever meet of the video game series 'Mass Effect' (fighting words I know), band together to pitch to you how you could honest to God make it into, not only a terrific film series, but also a very progressive one in terms of its attitude to sex and sexism.  Heck, if we just end up with a good videogame movie, that will be progress (1:11:44).

    Cinematic Happy Comfort Food
    In tribute to the retirement of legendary make-up artist Rick Baker, Phil and Spencer Perry band together to discuss one of Spencer's favourite films - 'An American Werewolf In London' (2:08:23).

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:

    Reader Comments (3)

    Tremendous “Cinematic Happy Comfort Food” segment! AMERICAN WEREWOLF is right near the top of the list of my favorite movies of all time. Such an amazingly effective, funny, scary film, and it is John Landis’ masterpiece. Never has there been a better balance of humor and horror, because while it’s frequently very, very funny, the humor never once compromises or undermines the truly frightening elements.

    And you guys are being way too hard on JURASSIC WORLD! I'm prepared to eat my words if it ends up sucking, but I think it looks like a blast at this point

    06-3-2015 | Unregistered CommenterBrett Blake

    Thoroughly enjoyed your piece about The Death of Superman Lives. I agreed with all of your sentiments, and like you I wish similarly deep insights were available for all the other cancelled Superman V projects.

    06-9-2015 | Unregistered CommenterArcher

    Bummer about Tomorrowland for you Phil. Know how much you were looking forward to it.

    Not a big Mass Effect fan - the story may be great but the gameplay was a turn off for me. A female Shepherd is probably the right way to go but turning this into a movie franchise still feels like a big gamble to me - even factoring in the recent success of Guardians. It'll be a tough nut to adapt - finding the right balance of character content versus the easier - go to - action set pieces.

    Disagree with Spencer on horror and humour being at the opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. The line between the two is hazy at best and a lot of times they are like uneasy bed mates. Like Clockwork I never thought of this as a comfort food movie - both leave me unsettled. Both are great movies for sure. The transformation scene is still one of the scariest pieces of cinema ever.

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