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    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 10 - Immortan Joe Reminds Me Of Wall-E

    'Mad Max: Fury Road' is good enough to make you think of all kinds of cinema's great films, even ones you wouldn't think of.  And if Jamie sees the spitting image of adorable Pixar robot Wall-E within tyrannical and wart infested apocalyptic despot Immortan Joe then who's to say otherwise?

    Classic Movie Moan
    Yeah, we liked 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.  We liked it a lot (4:22).

    Marveling At The Future
    Phil and Spencer are joined by special guest star Elisabeth Rappe to finally discuss the epic battle between next year's two comic book movie heavy hitters; movies that, we forget, were supposed to come out on the same day at one point.  We talk about how, when we really go through all the potential directions that the story can go, 'Captain America: Civil War' has a better chance of working than Avengers 2 ever did (45:38).

    Then, in order to give DC equal treatment, we finally cast our eye to the teaser trailer for 'Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice' and figure out if this film can really work, and perhaps learn from the mistakes of......y'know, that film from a few weeks ago (1:29:24).

    Cinematic Happy Comfort Food
    Edward Douglas joins Phil to discuss 'A Clockwork Orange', the funniest, warmest, most human film Stanley Kubrick ever made (2:00:35).

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:

    Reader Comments (5)

    I've been looking forward to this podcast for a while. I'm glad you guys liked the film I thought it was a blast. I even got a Mad Max: Fury Road poster from the movie theater. I can't recall the last time I ever got a poster from the movie theater.

    05-20-2015 | Unregistered CommenterCecil Hester

    Great episode guys, those Nichols Cage impersonations were hilarious.

    05-20-2015 | Unregistered CommenterCecil Hester

    Another great episode! While I really enjoyed AGE OF ULTRON, I am one of those who's concerned about the expanding character roster for CIVIL WAR. Can they pull it off in a satisfying way? Of course. But the potential to botch the thing certainly exists.

    As for CLOCKWORK ORANGE, that's a movie I never would have considered to be comfort food (on any level, really), but your discussion gave me a bit of a better appreciation for it in that context.

    05-21-2015 | Unregistered CommenterBrett Blake

    Lovely job folks.

    I feel quite comfortable in labelling Fury Road a classic. Not only will it become a textbook for filmmakers on how to film action scenes in a comprehensible manner but also for screen writers on how to visually tell a story.

    Batman V Superman - sigh it's gonna be such a mess. Not only do they have to build a new Batman, they also have to establish Superman - which was never done in MOS. And all those additional characters! It's gonna be a big mess.

    Clockwork Orange as comfort food? Never! Brilliant film? Yes. It is meant to be - and always will be - an u film that unsettles.

    A great listen as always. Also the actor who played Immortan Joe's son (the one in the water tower) is not layered in make up or digitally altered, he suffers from a rare bone disorder which has affected the way his body grows. He was on TV in 80's Australia quite frequently and, from the looks of things, seems like a cool guy...

    05-23-2015 | Unregistered CommenterDumpling King

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