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    Movie Moan - The Merry Marvel Moaning Society

    'The Avengers', The Amazing Spider-man' and 'The Dark Knight Rises' - the formidable trifecta of this summer's superhero cinema are all covered in exhausting detail in this special edition of Movie Moan.

    And for the special help we need, we are delighted to be joined for the first time by operator of the legendary 'Blue Tights' website (the home of 'Superman Returns' news and Bryan Singer's video blogs), Justin Korthof.  We are also overjoyed to be rejoined by co-host of our 'Summer 2012 Prediction Power Hour', Shawn Robbins from

    Even I think this is one of our best shows folks.  Don't miss it!

    4:20 mins - If you think everybody loves 'The Avengers' then think again.  Jamie Williams isn't everybody and he can't wait to tell you how history will end up judging the comic book movie to end all comic book movies.  And the rest of the gang can't wait to join in either for a totally exhaustive spoiler filled discussion.

    50:15 mins - The final trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' gets a passionate analysis (especially from Justin) on what we're being shown, but more importantly, what we're not being shown.

    70:20 mins - Don't run away folks but we do want to talk about the final trailer for 'The Amazing Spider-man' and Phil has a special message for everyone we've pissed off talking about it.

    83:40 mins - The first installment of our new segment as we look back at our personal favourite summer blockbusters of old.  This week, appropriately, Phil chooses 'Dick Tracy' (1990).

    Download the audio only file right here:

    Movie Moan - The Merry Marvel Moaning Society

    Reader Comments (18)

    Couldn't agree more with Justin's orgy theory on Avengers.

    It was a fun as hell film and I am glad I saw it on the big screen, but I'll be fine if I never see it again. I will probably give it a go again on Blu Ray. As I said from the beginning, it's Transformers with Superheroes but with better jokes.

    05-8-2012 | Registered CommenterPeter Georgiou

    very good episode. i like all the guests.

    05-9-2012 | Unregistered Commenterdark_b

    Paper thin story with fleshed out characters? I'll take that anytime please.

    Best superhero movie ever.

    And Jamie severely, severely disappointed with your opinion. To compare this to Transformers? Seriously!?!?!

    Dude, I weep for you.

    05-9-2012 | Unregistered CommenterOldDarth

    Jamie is right, their is no substance to the all.

    05-9-2012 | Unregistered CommenterZakiyyah

    It made the characters relateable and got them working together to a common goal.

    Guess it's all how one defines substance.

    For me the film had tons of it.

    05-9-2012 | Unregistered CommenterOldDarth

    Avengers was an enjoyable film, but nothing more. Character interactions were well written, and the acting was impressive, but the story wasn't very engaging. Plus, the action sequences are so ridiculously overblown. It's non-stop action for over an hour, and it becomes boring after a while.

    05-9-2012 | Unregistered CommenterNoctis

    Can't believe comic fans would complain that a movie seems like a comic book. You guys are over-thinking. What is "substance"? Does that make a movie great? I guess you guys would give Monty Python and the Holy Grail a poor review because they weren't delving into "deep issues". Die Hard isn't "saying anything" so it must be "overrated". Don't bother with T2 either.

    If anyone can't tell the difference between Transformers and Avengers, I have to pity them. Being "the ultimate comic book movie" is a huge compliment in my book....about time someone pulled it off.

    05-9-2012 | Unregistered CommenterBender

    Jamie is certainly right about one thing; the backlash. And it hasn't even taken as long as he thought it would.

    Two weeks ago I saw nothing but people falling over themselves to praise the film (I'm still in love with it and will be seeing it for a third time for sure before it leaves theatres). It's not even been out a week in the US and yet look at the opinions flying around.

    05-9-2012 | Registered CommenterPhil Gee

    I don't see a backlash, I see a ridiculously over praised movie that shockingly has no substance at all but it is allowed to get away with that flaw while other films are not.

    05-10-2012 | Unregistered CommenterZakiyyah

    Like I said last week The Avengers was good not great. That's good enough for me. That's what I expected from The Avengers.

    Yeah you guys are right The Dark Knight Rises trailer isn't showing us that much. Now I'm a little more confident in Anne Hathaway pulling off Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

    I know I said I would keep my mouth shut about the whole Movie Moan vs Amazing Spider-Man marketing until the movie came out but I think I need to say this. 3 months ago when you guys said what you said about the trailer the main reason I only went after Jamie's criticisms was because he's the one that said "Fuck you" to the fans who said this was the Spider-Man movie they've always wanted because that's Spider-Man 2 already. That fucking hurts because even though I think Spider-Man 2 is a good movie it's not the "Spider-Man Movie" I've wanted to see my whole life. I loved the Spider-Man character since I started watching the 90's cartoon show when I was 5 years old so it means alot to me that The Amazing Spider-Man is coming out. I like the first 2 Raimi Spidey movies I admit it but Tobey Maguire never stood out as Spidey to me. Andrew Garfield just by the trailers has nailed the character! Something Tobey couldn't do in 3 movies IMO! I feel responsible for the backlash you guys got since I'm the one who was the loudest about it. I'm so sorry guys. :(

    05-10-2012 | Unregistered CommenterA2THEH


    Well let me take a wild stab at why. 'The Avengers' has heart, fantastic and complex characters that we love spending time with, a scale rarely seen on screen before, action that you can comprehend, and it's extremely funny. It's what people go to the movies for.

    I do understand what you're saying. I've always been kinder to 'Iron Man 2', for example, than most folks because I admired that it did try very hard to have substance and be about something. But I find it hard to believe that somebody can't understand why 'The Avengers' is getting such an enthusiastic response from audiences.

    05-11-2012 | Registered CommenterPhil Gee


    You've nothing to be sorry about. There was just a feeling, certainly on my part, that we were either being misunderstood or weren't expressing ourselves clearly and people were getting pissed off because it felt like we were reviewing the film before we'd seen it.

    If that kind of thing keeps happening then the show isn't fun for people to listen to anymore. I don't want to make that show.

    05-11-2012 | Registered CommenterPhil Gee

    @ Phil Gee

    To be honest it wasn't fun for me listening to the criticisms of The Amazing Spider-Man. If you guys had seen the movie I wouldn't have cared but the fact that none of you guys have seen the movie yet I felt alot of the criticisms were unfair. I know it's just a movie but Spider-Man is big part of my early childhood and I take that really seriously. I just really feel like an asshole right now. :(

    05-11-2012 | Unregistered CommenterA2THEH

    If I tell you not to feel that way will you stop? :)

    No more talk about the film until we see it. That's my promise.

    05-12-2012 | Registered CommenterPhil Gee

    Yeah, so, amidst all the opinions, I just wanted to chime in and say I really enjoyed this podcast so you don't feel too bad about the whole Spiderman thing, Phil. The movies aside, you all are very funny with the jokes and the visuals and I'm glad Shawn came back (can you make him a permanent addition because I love him on Box Office Theory). I hope Kristina keeps telling those personal anecdotes about her movie-going experiences (I hope you all do), they're just so damn funny.

    05-12-2012 | Unregistered Commentershelly

    Ok Phil I'll be back for when the movie comes out. Thanks for making me feel better about the whole situatuion. :)

    05-12-2012 | Unregistered CommenterA2THEH

    @ Shelly

    You'll be pleased to know that we intend to have Shawn back on the show as often as he can come.

    05-13-2012 | Registered CommenterPhil Gee

    The lack of substance is why The Avenger's isn't going to hold up even a year from now Phil. It's a fun movie and I like it but it's so fun that it is fooling people into believing that it is better than it is.

    05-20-2012 | Unregistered CommenterZakiyyah Muhammad

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