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    Movie Moan - The One Where Jamie Gets Told To Shut Up

    Thought that would get your attention.

    It's a Movie Moan reunion this week as our old friends the wise and sage Lou Sytsma and Capt. Ed Hocken return, specifically to take Jamie to task over last week's review of 'The Avengers'.  Phil tries at the start to moderate so everyone can speak in turn but, as it turns out, he'd have better luck catching the wind:

    7:50 mins - Jamie and Phil review 'Dark Shadows', the latest 'beautiful mess' from Tim Burton.

    27:55 mins - The third and final review of 'The Avengers' as Lou and Ed give their take and head to head with Jamie as he refuses to go with the popular vote.  Things get ugly folks.

    47:05 mins - Phil gushes over the latest trailer for 'The Expendables 2' while Jamie asks the question of whether Arnie, with tons of future film projects now fully into production, can seriously get back in the game.

    58:20 mins - Jamie's first choice for his look back at a summer blockbuster classic of old - 'Contact' (1997).

    Download the audio only file right here:

    Movie Moan - The One Where Jamie Gets Told To Shut Up

    Reader Comments (1)

    I was trying so hard where I saw that Final Avengers sequence with Stark and Hulk from

    ... oh hello

    05-16-2012 | Unregistered CommenterTDW

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