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    Mattel Readying Their Own Hoverboard

    We're three years away from 2015 and the world has yet to be graced with flying cars, self-drying jackets or Ronald Reagan video-waiters at 80s nostalgia restaurants promised by Back to the Future Part II. To be fair, Lea Thompson looks better than they said she would by this time!

    Of course, what BTTF II conversation would be complete without the Hoverboard, the item Robert Zemeckis tricked us all into thinking was real back during the late 80s/90s. Remember they did a Back to the Future TV special where Kirk Cameron of all people "confirmed" the whole thing was a hoax?

    As per Gizmodo, Mattel isn't getting any closer to breaking hoover technology anytime soon (Read: ever!) but they are offering a replica of the one Marty McFly rode in the sequels! You can pre-order it starting March 1 at Matty Collector, and remember they don't work on water. Unless you've got POWER!

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