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    Bradley Cooper Looking to Make Directorial Debut with 'Honeymoon With Harry'

    I'll admit, I've never been the biggest fan of Bradley Cooper.

    Good actor, yes.  Seemingly nice guy, yes as well.  But there's always been just something about the dude I didn't like, maybe it's because I always felt he was trying too hard to be a 'great actor' or 'an A-list celebrity'.

    I have to say though, recently - after reading a lot about his performance in American Sniper and the respect he's earned from many for his efforts - he's starting to grow on me.

    I think he's likely to get his 3rd consecutive Oscar nomination this week, and if so, it would put him in a rare class of actors to be nominated by the Academy three years in a row.  That's pretty impressive.  Not to mention, if he does land the nom, I expect him to be the 'dark horse' to secure the trophy.

    On top of that, it looks like the guy wants to find a new challenge in directing, with word coming that he's circling the project, Honeymoon With Harry, which he would also star in alongside Robert De Niro.

    The film has long been in-development - with Crazy, Stupid, Love scribe Dan Fogelman coming in now to do a rewrite - as it tells the story of a formerly woman obsessed, booze hound (Cooper) who meets the girl of his dreams, only for her to die before their wedding.  Devastated, the man heads off on their honeymoon anyway, only to find the girl's father (De Niro) there too, who has come to spread her ashes.  The two find each other, both grieving in the loss of the same woman, together.

    I think this would mark a great move for Cooper as what better way to follow-up the surge he's on right now then to direct, despite having the clout currently to pick any acting project he wants.

    Expect more on this project in the coming weeks with Cooper soon-to-be finishing up his current stage act in The Elephant Man.

    Source:  Deadline


    PURGE 3 Slashes Into Theaters July 1, 2016


    It appears Universal has set the date for The Purge 3 and they apparently have some high hopes for the action-horror film, which will open against WB's TARZAN and Disney's The BFG an adaptation of the Ronald Dahl classic. 

    What a weekend that will be. 
    The Purge and The Purge: Anarchy were both made on microscopic budgets and far exceeded expectations, and can basically be mounted now as one of Universal's go-to franchises.
    Anarchy released just this past summer and starred Frank Grillo, shooting it's way to more than $100 million world-wide.

    The franchise is set in the not too distant future where, for one night only, all crime is legal including murder and follow a family or group of friends caught in the crossfire, with Anarchy stepping it up a notch with a New World Order/1% angle and look into the world of the Purge. 


    2015 People's Choice Award Winners

    Favorite Humanitarian
    Ben Affleck


    Favorite Movie

    Favorite Movie Actor
    Robert Downey Jr.

    Favorite Movie Actress
    Jennifer Lawrence

    Favorite Movie Duo
    Shailene Woodley & Theo James

    Favorite Action Movie

    Favorite Action Movie Actor
    Chris Evans

    Favorite Action Movie Actress
    Jennifer Lawrence

    Favorite Comedic Movie
    22 Jump Street

    Favorite Comedic Movie Actor
    Adam Sandler

    Favorite Comedic Movie Actress
    Melissa McCarthy

    Favorite Dramatic Movie
    The Fault in Our Stars

    Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor
    Robert Downey Jr.

    Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress
    Chloë Grace Moretz

    Favorite Family Movie

    Favorite Thriller Movie
    Gone Girl


    Favorite TV Icon
    Betty White

    Favorite TV Show
    The Big Bang Theory

    Favorite Network TV Comedy
    The Big Bang Theory

    Favorite Comedic TV Actor
    Chris Colfer

    Favorite Comedic TV Actress
    Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

    Favorite Network TV Drama
    Grey’s Anatomy

    Favorite Dramatic TV Actor
    Patrick Dempsey

    Favorite Dramatic TV Actress
    Ellen Pompeo

    Favorite Cable TV Comedy
    Melissa & Joey

    Favorite Cable TV Drama
    Pretty Little Liars

    Favorite Cable TV Actor
    Matt Bomer

    Favorite Cable TV Actress
    Angie Harmon

    Favorite TV Crime Drama

    Favorite Crime Drama TV Actor
    Nathan Fillion

    Favorite Crime Drama TV Actress
    Stana Katic

    Favorite Network Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show
    Beauty and the Beast

    Favorite Cable Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show

    Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor
    Misha Collins

    Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress
    Kristin Kreuk

    Favorite Competition TV Show
    The Voice

    Favorite Daytime TV Host
    Ellen DeGeneres

    Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host
    Jimmy Fallon

    Favorite Dramedy
    Orange Is the New Black

    Favorite TV Duo
    Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder

    Favorite TV Character We Miss Most
    Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang
    Grey’s Anatomy

    Favorite Actor In A New TV Series
    David Tennant

    Favorite Actress In A New TV Series
    Viola Davis

    Favorite Sketch Comedy TV Show
    Saturday Night Live

    Favorite Animated TV Show
    The Simpsons

    Favorite New TV Comedy
    Jane the Virgin

    Favorite New TV Drama
    The Flash


    Favorite Male Artist
    Ed Sheeran

    Favorite Female Artist
    Taylor Swift

    Favorite Group
    Maroon 5

    Favorite Breakout Artist
    5 Seconds of Summer

    Favorite Male Country Artist
    Hunter Hayes

    Favorite Female Country Artist
    Carrie Underwood

    Favorite Country Group
    Lady Antebellum

    Favorite Pop Artist
    Taylor Swift

    Favorite Hip-Hop Artist
    Iggy Azalea

    Favorite R&B Artist
    Pharrell Williams

    Favorite Album
    Ed Sheeran

    Favorite Song
    “Shake It Off”
    Taylor SwifT



    Poster & Trailer For David Cronenberg’s "Maps to the Stars" With Julianne Moore

    Meet the Weiss family, who are making their way in Hollywood rife with money, fame, envy, and relentless hauntings.  Stafford Weiss (John Cusack) is a famed TV self-help therapist with an A-list celebrity clientele.  Meanwhile, Cristina Weiss (Olivia Williams) has her work cut out managing the career of their disaffected child-star son, Benjie (Evan Bird), a fresh graduate of rehab at age 13.

    Yet unbeknownst to them, another member of the Weiss family has arrived in town – mysteriously scarred and tormented Agatha (Mia Wasikowska), just released from a psych ward and ready to start again.   She soon works her way into a friendship with a limo driver (Robert Pattinson) and becomes personal assistant to unraveling actress Havana Segrand (Julianne Moore), who is beset by the ghost of her legendary mother, Clarice (Sarah Gadon).  But Agatha is on a quest for redemption – and even in this realm of the artificial, and the unearthly, she’s determined to find it, no matter what it takes.


    The Pope Apparently Thought UNBROKEN Was Cool; Didn't See It.


    Making her rounds promoting her inspiration World War II drama, Lara Croft met with Pope Francis after a Vatican screening of UNBROKEN which opens at the end of the month in Italian cinemas.

    The Vatican said Jolie, accompanied by daughters Shiloh and Zahara and by Zamperini’s son, Luke Zamperini, attended the screening at the Pontifical Academy for Sciences for high-ranking Vatican prelates.

    Among all religions, it can be said the Catholic Church has some of the most interesting tastes in film as released on their 'List of Films' from 1995, which can be read here  but should really be updated to include Man of Steel if we're being honest. 

    Unfortunatley, Pope Francis did not see the film; but apparently thought it was a cool idea:

    The Pontiff did not see the film, but met with Jolie in private shortly after the screening and was reportedly interested in the uplifting spiritual message of the pic in which Zamperini gets over post-traumatic stress thanks to his faith.

    Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said the film shows “positive human and spiritual values, in particular forgiveness.”

    Jolie also released a statement about the visit:

    "Being invited with my film to the Vatican is an honor and a great tribute to the story that I have told in Unbroken. The story of the hero Louis a great example of strength and forgiveness."

    UNBROKEN is now playing nationwide. 


    Marco Beltrami to Score FANTASTIC FOUR


    Academy Award nominated composer Marco Beltrami will be scoring 20th Century Fox's controversial Fantastic Four reboot, FIlm Music Reporter has learned. 

    Beltrami, who has done the scores for Hellboy, Speed Racer, The Hurt Locker, 3:10 to Yuma, and the upcoming Hitman: Agent 47 has one of the craziest discographies in the business, and is often the go-to guy for a stylish and dark soundtrack,which would be in line with the tone Fantastic Four seems to be aiming at. 

    The Marvel property seems to be the dark-horse of the upcoming 2015 year which includes Marvel's heavy hitter Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as ANT-MAN. 
    The film stars Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell and is set to release August 7th, 2015.

     The movie based on the Marvel Comics series centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways and who must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.


    50 SHADES OF GREY Gets The 'R', Because of 'S'...And 'M'.


    February is heating up despite the weather cooling down, as the first 'big' month for Hollywood in 2015 is set to kick off with the adaptation of E.L. James #1 Best-Seller, Fifty Shades of Grey premiering Valentine's Day weekend- and now with an R Rating attached.

    Variety reports:

     The MPAA has deemed “the strong sexual content including dialogue, some unusual behavior and graphic nudity” worthy of an R rating

    While some would argue that would damage the film's attendance, look no further than October's critically acclaimed Gone Girl which scored a bit north of $350 million off it's $60 mil budget, and spent almost an entire month in the Top 5. 
    Grey has the distinct advantage of 'shock value' and 'see it just to see it' that will likely draw herds of housewives and girlfriends.

    The unique thing about the film's rating is that this will be battling Kingsman: The Secret Service which was pushed from it's Fall 2014 release to battle Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, a conflict which will see two big-name films, both with R ratings, and radically different content, battling for the top spot.

    Sponge Bob, Jupiter Ascending, and Seventh Son premier the weekend before, so it's anyone's guess at this point how those will effect Grey if at all, given that the two fantasy movies have been pushed back almost an entire year from their original slate, and the fact Sponge Bob hasn't been culturally relevant since the early 2000's.  


    Ethan Hawke Came 'As Close as Anybody Could' To Playing Doctor Strange

    Well, if you followed comic book film-related news last year, you'll probably know that for a long while, Joaquin Phoenix was 'in-talks' to play the lead role in Marvel's 2016 release of Doctor Strange.  After it was revealed Phoenix's deal with studio had fallen-through, many actors were discussed for the project, including Ethan Hawke (currently an Oscar fave for Boyhood).

    As you probably know by now, another Oscar fave this year - Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game) - nabbed the role and will be starring in the flick.  But while sitting down for a recent podcast interview with MTV's Josh Horowitz, Hawke revealed he actually came 'as close as anybody could' to getting the role.  He says a lot of it probably had to do with the film's director, Scott Derrickson, having worked with the actor before for Sinister.

    You can listen to the podcast below with Hawke discussing the project.

    All I'll add is this:  While I'm sure there are many Ethan Hawke fans out there who are disappointed the actor didn't land the gig, there are plenty more Benedict Cumberbatch fans out there who went nuts that he did.  That dude is like a God among a lot of people, and almost certainly will get a Best Actor nomination, if not win, at the Oscars this year.

    Also, ironically enough, both actors took part in this year's The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable - The Actors, which I recently posted about below.

    Source:  MTV, Happy Sad Confused


    Scarlett Johansson Will Be Your GHOST IN THE SHELL 


    The first bit of news to break from the Ghost in the Shell project- under the watchful eye of Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks- since Margot Robbie was in talks for the films lead, comes that the rumors are true and that LUCY and Captain America: The Winter Soldier actress Scarlett Johansson has signed on for the cyberpunk thriller.

    Variety Reports with the Exclusive:

    Johansson is set to star in DreamWorks’ adaptation of the popular anime pic “Ghost in the Shell.” Deadline Hollywood had reported that the actress had the offer to star but at the time she was still undecided about taking the role. Sources now say she has agreed to star in the pic.

    This is slowly shaping up to be Hollywood's first major foray into the live action world of Anime adaptations since the long shelved AKIRA project at WB keeps bouncing around, and Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow proved to be a critical darling; but didn't ignite a very profitable money machine.

    Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) will be helming the actioner. 

    Ghost in the Shell  was released in 1995 directed by Mamoru Oshii and based off of the manga of the same name which ran from 1989 to 1997 by Masamune Shirow and went on to spawn a sequel, an Anime series, an OVA, and 3 video-games.  

    The film follows Section 9, a high-tech security division led by Motoko Kusanagi, as they track down a cyber-terrorist known as The Puppet Master, which draws them into a web of political corruption and intrigue.


    2014 'The Hollywood Reporter' Roundtable - The Actors

    One of the things I've come to love about awards' season the past couple years is the annual roundtable The Hollywood Reporter puts together for reps from different categories of filmmaking; these can be actors, actresses, writers, directors, cinematographers, etc.

    The point of these roundtables though is get a handful of individuals together who work in the same profession (and do the same job specifically) and allow them to discuss their craft along with the motion picture they are involved with that's being touted for annual awards.

    In the video below, you will see this year's Actors Roundtable - Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game), Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything), Channing Tatum (Foxcatcher), Michael Keaton (Birdman), Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner) and Ethan Hawke (Boyhood).

    To call the discussion amongst these actors 'entertaining' is a bit of an understatement.

    You can tell through the first five minutes that these actors - who have all followed their own, unique path - are so respectful and inquisitive about both their craft and each other.  To hear Ethan Hawke talk about his fondness for Michael Keaton, or Channing Tatum discuss how he is pretty much scared of every role he takes for fear of failure, or Benedict Cumberbatch discuss the detailed research he did for his role as Alan's all utterly fascinating.

    For any genuine film buff (you know, not the ones who are just curious about which comic book movie is coming out next year), this video is worth a near 49 minutes of your time.  You will not be disappointed.

    Source:  The Hollywood Reporter

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