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    3D Gimmick Claims Latest Victim - Pacific Rim

    Guillermo del Toro doesn't want Pacific Rim in post-conversion 3D. As he reasonably explained to Collider, the format changed the scale of what was intended to be giant buildings, robots and monsters. Even if his stance boiled down to a "Fuck 3D!" train-of-thought, his reasoning on display was perfectly sound.

    Between those statements in July and today however, Warner Brothers is forcing the Mexican filmmaker's hand. Variety reports Pacific Rim is the latest in a long-line of pricey pictures slapping on 3D purely as an afterthought. Truth is del Toro doesn't have the clout to say "No," like Christopher Nolan.

    So much is riding on Rim. The studio needs every affordable option to ensure profitability. Loud as the Comic-Con praise heard, that's playing to a predisposed crowd. They're going to see it anyway. Until we see theatrical trailers, there’s no indication the thought of giant robots fighting giant monsters in a futuristic background results in "SOLD OUT" signs in front of box-offices nationwide.

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