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    James Bond Will Return In the Year Two Thousand & Fourteen

    This week is CinemaCon and since we're not there (Alas we have day jobs!), you won't be seeing us giving our commentary on footage like The Dark Knight Rises and Oh my God awesome it was (Batman On Film is your friend), how the 48 frames-per-second decision left many speechless over The Hobbit, and not in a good way (Badass Digest did a nice write up) or how wonderfully retro the 8-bit centric Wreck-It Ralph sounds (Coming Soon, bitches yo!) Point is I'm not big into cutting and pasting shit other people saw and described. Nothing wrong that but not my cup of coffee. Cut to me doing just that, of course.

    Anyway last night was Sony's turn to wow exhibitors and there doesn't seem to be anyone in the crowd who didn't flip for the forthcoming James Bond movie Skyfall. Via Coming Soon, before a frame was shown Sony let it be known when the end credits close out with the traditional "James Bond Will Return" text, 2014 is when to expect just that.

    Guess this means Eon is getting back into the swing of things with the standard two-year gap between films. To think there was a dark period where it looked like Quantum of Solace was Daniel Craig's swan-song from the tuxedo and martinis, shaken not stirred. Assuming this means it will be indeed be Craig walking through that gun-barrel the year after next?

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