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    Too Soon to Mean Anything Sequel Alert: Tyler Perry May be Alex Cross Again!

    Spoke to colleague/pal who saw Alex Cross, and was disappointed to hear Tyler Perry's wig didn't grow feet and jump off his head nor did helmer Rob Cohen explain how Matthew Fox was able to stay so lean while consuming so much ham. Not a "So bad, it's good" camp classic. So bad, it's a God awful chore to sit through.

    Not one of those bloggers to shout "IDRIS ELBA!" every time a strong, leading man role calls for a black actor but as someone who read the James Patterson books during the early 2000s in high school, the British thesp as Alex Cross is a no-brainer. I understand why they traded up for Perry, a household name for his trademark comedies than the unknown Elba. But one look at the playwright in character and the aroma of distaster was too strong a scent.

    I say this, Alex Cross opens tomorrow. For all I know it this might be Perry's permanent escape from the dress and Bible-thumping Maeda. QED, the production company that bankrolled Cross, was beginning the early stages of a sequel, in the event one is called for.

    Their plans are to adapt Double Cross, Patterson's 13th Cross novel. Here's the description courtesy of Coming Soon:

    "Just when Alex Cross's life is calming down, he is drawn back into the game to confront a criminal mastermind like no other. The elaborate murders that have stunned Washington, DC, are the wildest that Alex Cross and his new girlfriend, Detective Brianna Stone, have ever seen. This maniac adores an audience, and stages his killings as spectacles in public settings. Alex is pursuing a genius of terror who has the whole city on edge as it waits for his next move. And the killer loves the attention, no doubt–he even sets up his own Web site and live video feed to trumpet his madness."

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