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    Avatar 2 Also Impacted by Japan Tragedy

    Putting aside for one second the recent director-shuffle, the tragedy in Japan has obviously affected any and all plans for The Wolverine, and there's no telling how long until Fox decides to get the wheel turning on that one again. But it appears that it isn't the only Fox-based project in a hairy predicament.

    A source has told Corona Coming Attractions the studio's numero-uno priority, the sequel to James Cameron's Avatar, is in a similar boat – to be fair, probably nowhere near as severe if one had to compare the two.

    Writer/producer/director Cameron planned to film scenes deep within the Marianas Trench for Avatar 2 utilizing 3D cameras and a specialty built-submersible to get him and his crew down there. But an insider has told our pal Patrick Sauriol those plans are in great jeopardy due to the situation with Japan:

    "Hundreds of aftershocks have been felt since the first quake, and while the intensity of the aftershocks are of lesser strength than the original 9.0 quake, they will go on for an undetermined period of time -- perhaps for years. That's why Cameron's dive is now in jeopardy; the safety of the divers, including Cameron himself, may now be beyond a point where liability insurance will allow for."

    Since Avatar 2 isn't scheduled for release until Christmas 2014, there's conceivably plenty of time to either come back to the Trench later (presumably when the risk factor decreases) or relocate altogether.

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