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    Michael Shannon Promises Differences in The Man of Steel Compared to Earlier Films

    We know The Man of Steel will be a new interpretation of the origin story; Zack Snyder's 2013 answer to Richard Donner's 1978 Superman: the Movie, if you will.

    Oh sure there are similarities like another chubby guy as Supes' pops, General Zod as the heavy and set pictures leaking the tombstones of certain adoptive fathers played by Kevin Costner. But there will be differences, kids, we swear! From the looks of those same set pics, Henry Cavill will look like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine stand-in at some point during the story, Amy Adams looks less Margot Kidder, more...Amy Adams and of course there's Laurence Fishburne playing the first non-Caucasian Perry White for you racist assholes out there.

    According to Michael Shannon (aka Zod) during this sit-down chat with Sky Sports you can also expect differences with the set-up for the Phantom Zone (Translation: there won't be one):

    Well, he doesn't exactly say there won't be another floating mirror prison. But the thing is his statements gel with what we’d heard would go down. No Phantom Zone per say, more like "Krypton is to Earth what England was to Australia" as we were told with Zod acting more as a Kryptonian refugee in search for other our red-and-blue suit-wearing hero.

    In that case, Shannon is correct. That is different!

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