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    Movie Moan - The Winter 2012 Box Office Results Show


    It's time for Jamie, Phil and special guest Shawn Robbins from to do battle once more as they see how well they did in predicting the US box office grosses for the movies of Winter 2012.

    It's not about whether Phil won, it's about whether he got any right.

    The second, and far more important, question is how did you at home do?  We'll be picking a 'web winner' for the closest prediction from those who contributed their own last October.

    And if you want to skip ahead to a specific film (probably cause you thought you won that one), here are the cliff notes:

    4:55 mins - Wreck It Ralph
    12:10 mins - Flight
    18:20 mins - Skyfall
    27:30 mins - Lincoln
    32 mins - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II
    39:30 mins - Rise Of The Guardians
    45:40 mins - Life Of Pi
    49:30 mins - Red Dawn
    51:35 mins - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    65:35 mins - Monsters Inc. 3D
    70:40 mins - Zero Dark Thirty
    76:10 mins - Jack Reacher
    82:10 mins - This Is 40
    88 mins - Django Unchained
    96:25 mins - Les Miserables

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - The Winter 2012 Box Office Results Show (audio version)


    Movie Moan - Well It's About Time

    Took you long enough Disney.

    Assembled this week to discuss with Phil and Jamie the news we've all been waiting to pounce on and criticize are Gabe Toro, film critic for The Playlist & Jump Cut Junkies, the man of tomorrow Justin Korthof, the man who has to make a point before Jamie interrupts, Randall Maynard, and the one and only Mr Robert Meyer Burnett.  Movie Moan Friends - GO FOR IT!

    5:50 mins - Is Abrams the right choice?  Did he bother to let Paramount know he was doing it? Can a great movie bring burned out adults back into Star Wars?  What about that release date?  And can Randall get an opportunity to speak?

    45:20 mins - Since Justin is here, we have time to dredge up some 'Justice League' news now that the roster of Super Friends hitting the big screen has been announced.  So, one more time, is a team movie before solo ones the right way to go?

    62:10 mins - Phil has time to mention the epic battle that will be next week's show and the Superman Lives documentary that needs your dollars right here.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - Well It's About Time (audio version)


    Movie Moan - Streets Of Rant

    This week's show has to go down on record as the most long winded we've ever done and there have been some doozies.  But this week has seen both the end of UK high street DVD stores for good and confirmation that nobody, not even Criterion, gives a shit about decent supplemental features anymore. 

    Let the diatribe begin (accompanied by the soothing sounds of the score to 'Heaven's Gate'):

    4:25 mins - Capt. Ed Hocken explains why you will never get to see the newest gem out of Sundance; 'Escape From Tomorrow'.

    8:10 mins - Mr Gabe Toro, film critic for The Playlist & Jump Cut Junkies drops by to review 'The Last Stand'.  It's not as good as 'Eraser' apparently.

    16:15 mins - Gabe also blows the lid on the greatest secret Hollywood doesn't want you to know about - 'Triplets'.

    19:15 mins - And Gabe rounds off his trilogy of awesome with his thoughts on 'Broken City', a film he would walk ten blocks to see (but no more than that).

    27:40 mins - Jamie, Phil and Hocken all finally sit down to try and watch the Criterion release of 'Heaven's Gate' with varying degrees of success.

    72:35 mins - With the seeming demise of HMV and Blockbuster in the UK, Phil asks why older people like his mother should be forced to adapt to an online only business model of renting films.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - Streets Of Rant (audio version)


    Movie Moan - New Year Clusterfuck

    Hi everyone!  Please accept my sincere apologies for any unnecessary delay in the return of the Movie Moan podcast.  Rest assured, we are now full steam ahead bringing you a new show every week throughout 2013.

    But we've still got a mountain of 2012 Christmas releases that we need to say our piece on, and take a last chance to reflect on the year as a whole.  Plus, there's the unfinished business of a certain 80's cult movie we've been meaning to review.  So join Jamie, Hocken & Phil for an uncut 150 minutes of...

    2:45 mins - New Year hugs all around as the friends for eternity discuss loyalty, honesty and sticking together through thick and thin.

    10 mins - Capt. Hocken and Phil review 'Gangster Squad' and you are invited to take a shot of liquor every time we mention a moment you've seen in another film.

    28:30 mins - Jaaaaaaaaack Reacher, WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAH!

    37:20 mins - Jamie uses that pesky thing called logic to tell us why, boringly and predictably, 'Lincoln' will sweep the Oscars this year.

    47:50 mins - Hocken and Phil retort with why 'Zero Dark Thirty' should be winning.

    65 mins - We each pick our favorite film of 2012.

    90:15 mins - We each pick the worst film of 2012 (from people that luckily didn't see that many).

    99 mins - We each pick the most disappointing film of 2012 (Jamie didn't pick Avengers, Spider-man or Hobbit so feel free to listen).

    112:50 mins - We each pick the most surprising film of 2012 and are pretty much united in our opinion.

    126:26 mins - Hocken and Phil try to decode the entity that calls itself 'Miami Connection' (I'd call it a movie but that would imply it has structure and plot).

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - New Year Clusterfuck (audio version)


    Movie Moan - Violating Our Sacred Holes

    UPDATE: The video version has now been updated and comes to you in the best possible presentation.  Enjoy!

    Years from now, film lovers will ask how much of Guillermo del Toro influenced The Hobbit. Look no further than the title of this week's show; a line directly from An Unexpected Journey.

    The gang (Phil, Ed, Lou and Jamie) are joined again by Blue Tights Kingpin Justin Korthof of Six Okay and Gabe Toro, film critic for The Playlist and Jump Cut Junkies.

    We get into the first chapter in Peter Jackson's Middle Earth prequel trilogy. Talking points range from the difference between a Goblin king to an Orc king, how every character needs a Quentin Tarantino-style subtitle, why mountains fight each other, arguing the merits of singing and dancing. Oh yeah and if the movie is good or not.

    Ed gives his quote-worthy review of Lincoln calling it "better than Next of Kin" and how James Spader is a better Bilbo than Martin Freeman.

    The rest of the show is what you've all been waiting for. It's trailer time. There's the seriousness and lack of Snyderization of Superman in Man of Steel, the "Blockbuster Mad Libs" opening of Star Trek Into Darkness, who the Hell is going to pay for the mass destruction and if there is any monster-on-robot sex in Pacific Rim, how good Tom Cruise looks in Oblivion, how long into After Earth does Will Smith die and whether or not The Lone Ranger is the Heaven's Gate of summer tentpoles. All of that plus Roland Emmerich orgasming to G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

    We'll be back in January. Hope everyone has a great holiday and see you in 2013!

    Movie Moan - Violating Our Sacred Holes (audio version)