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    Movie Moan - Marveling At The Future (in INTERUPTO-VISION)

    Welcome to my new favorite episode.

    Nothing in geek culture right now is as much fun as discussing Marvel movies so this week Movie Moan is proud to present an in-depth two hour plus discussion on the future of the entire Marvel film canon (both those properties under Disney's belt and those still out of their grasp), and equally proud to discuss it with special guests Justin Korthof and Randall Maynard.

    But we are supremely honoured to present our first show in INTERUPTO-VISION.

    In the same way that the film industry has hooked onto techniques to enhance the theatre going experience like 3D and IMAX, it's about time the podcasting industry did the same.  Especially since ours is one of the few to give you good folks a video option.

    So we are proud to present tonight's show, our longest ever to my recollection, in the startling new technology of INTERUPTO-VISION.  INTERUPTO-VISION is the process by which good manners and respect for Phil's job as moderator completely go out the window for all other members of the podcast and everyone just starts mouthing off like crazy to prove their points until it all becomes noise that Phil can't even edit out.

    What's that?..............The show has always been like that?  Point taken.

    7:20 mins - Should there be a completely unified Marvel film universe with one studio in control of every character?

    14:30 mins - How to rebirth 'The Fantastic Four'.

    22:00 mins - 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' and 'The Wolverine'.

    48:30 mins - 'The Avengers Part II' and the Thanos conundrum.

    62:25 mins - 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' needs Beta Ray Bill.

    68:20 mins - 'Namor: The Sub Mariner' (the one nobody talks about).

    75:50 mins - 'Thor: The Dark World' and 'Captain America: The Winter Solider'

    84:10 mins - 'Iron Man 3' (this is where the podcast starts getting ugly).

    95:00 mins - 'The Spectacular Spider-man' (nope, things don't get any rosier here).

    112:10 mins - Marvel on television (SHIELD, Hulk, and Daredevil).

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - Marveling At The Future (in INTERUPTO-VISION)


    Movie Moan - The Winter 2012 Predictions Power Hour (Or Two)

    As promised a few weeks ago, Phil, Jamie, and the master of predictions Mr. Shawn Robbins of have returned to do battle once more in an epic show which we are proud to present in our classic Movie Moan format of full-on video enhanced glory.

    I'm sure you folks know the drill by now (and I explain it all again in the show anyhow).  We've cast our eyes at 15 of this Winter's biggest film releases, covering November and December, and will each make our prediction on each film's US domestic gross.  For some reason, Phil thought this would be a tighter show than the summer version; fat chance of that.

    So don't forget to join in too.  Leave your predictions in the comments section below and if you could present it in a nice little list like the one you see below it would be a big help to me when collating the results for February's follow up.  If you want to skip to a specific prediction then here are the cliff notes:

    5:10 mins - Wreck It Ralph
    14:35 mins - Flight
    21:40 mins - Skyfall
    36:10 mins - Lincoln
    46:25 mins - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II
    56:15 mins - Rise Of The Guardians
    64:50 mins - Life Of Pi
    71:10 mins - Red Dawn
    75:15 mins - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    92:40 mins - Monsters Inc. 3D
    97:55 mins - Zero Dark Thirty
    101:10 mins - Jack Reacher
    106:40 mins - This Is 40
    107:20 mins - Django Unchained
    112:50 mins - Les Miserables

    NOTE: Shawn is so deseperate to win on his crazy Hobbit prediction that he emailed me after we recorded to qualify his answer further.  So here it is:

    "The Hobbit goes as Howard Shore goes. I'm a believer in strong musical scores either carrying an otherwise mediocre movie and/or elevating a great movie to an even higher status. Without him, as great as LOTR is, it would lose a lot... and I think a similar principle applies for the Hobbit movies. He's the John Williams to this franchise's Star Wars. The question is how strong his new score will be."

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - The Winter 2012 Prediction Power Hour (Or Two) - audio version


    Movie Moan - The Dredd Of Being A Master Looper

    It fills me with pride this week to introduce Movie Moan's second ever British participant, filmmaker, writer and journalist for '' Mr Ben Mortimer (who you can also catch on Twitter right here).

    And it's a good old wannabe critics roundtable this week as we spent 100 mins on back to back reviews of some of 2012's most interesting and divisive films to date.  So join me, Ben, Capt. Ed Hocken and Jamie Williams to discuss:-

    3:30 mins - 'Looper'; not the action packed blast of fun that a lazy critic poster quote would have you believe or a film that everybody loves.

    34:35 mins - 'Dredd'; since it was really Hocken's review that we all wanted to hear, join him and Ben as they spew more love on 2012's biggest surprise.

    51 mins - 'The Master'; Jamie and Hocken talk us through the latest acquired taste from Paul Thomas Anderson.

    70:50 mins - 'Bond 50'; Phil gives you the lowdown on whether the ultimate Blu Ray 007 boxset is worth upgrading from the previous thousand times you've bought all these bloody films.

    87:10 mins - 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower'; Hocken works some overtime as he squeezes in one last little review.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - The Dredd Of Being A Master Looper (audio version)


    Movie Moan - Raiders Of The Unexpected Journey Into Darkness

    As we announced at the end of last week's show, Movie Moan is changing format slightly so no full-on regular video shows at the moment.  However, for those of you who prefer to listen to us at your computer, the good old Blip TV version is still available above each week.  Please forgive the no-frills version this week as we're still figuring out exactly what the presentation of the show is going to be from now on.

    As the fall 2012 season of Movie Moan begins, we kick things off with the wonderfully welcome re-appearance of writer, producer, director, Robert Meyer Burnett as he joins Phil and Jamie to discuss:

    1:45 mins - Bragging that Robert and Phil get to see 'Skyfall' on October 26th (together) and Jamie doesn't.

    10:40 mins - Jamie and Phil review 'Dredd', a four star piece of fried gold that deserved to make a lot more money than it did.

    37:10 mins - What does Robert, one of the few people we've talked to who didn't enjoy 'Star Trek' (2009), think of its sequel's rather odd title 'Into Darkness'?

    63:45 mins - New 'The Hobbit' trailer, new 'The Hobbit' rant.  Well it's been a while hasn't it?

    83:10 mins - As 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' returns to the big screen and the 40 inch plasma screen with its blu ray debut, we look back on its impact and legacy back from a time when we had to wait more than three months for a film to come out on home video.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - Raiders Of The Unexpected Journey Into Darkness (audio version)


    The Summer 2012 Predictions Results Show

    Sorry TDKR, your time is up and the books are closed. 

    Back in April, Kristina, Jamie, Phil and Shawn Robbins of placed their bets on the specific domestic box office grosses of the Summer 2012 movies (or at least the ones we though bore mentioned, which embarrassingly did not include 'Ted') and it's time to see who has won, and who was so badly beaten that they will never do this again.

    But your imaginary money is on the line too because YOUR predictions have been tallied up as well and we have picked a 'Web Winner' for each film.  Enough stalling; let the games begin: 

    6:05 mins - The Avengers
    13:35 mins - Dark Shadows
    21:45 mins - The Dictator
    25:05 mins - Battleship
    29 mins - Men In Black 3
    33:45 mins - Snow White & The Huntsman
    39:35 mins - Prometheus
    48:55 mins - Rock Of Ages
    53 mins - Brave
    58:45 mins - G.I.Joe Retaliation
    61:20 mins - The Amazing Spider-man
    69:30 mins - Ice Age: Continental Drift
    71:40 mins - The Dark Knight Rises
    78:35 mins - Total Recall
    80:10 mins - The Bourne Legacy
    89:40 mins - The Expendables 2

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - The Summer 2012 Predictions Results (audio version)