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    Movie Moan - Days Of Future Makinov

    Today begins a new order.  Your lives, your possessions, your very lives will gladly be given in tribute to MAKINOV!

    And if you don't know who or what that is then stay tuned as Jamie, Phil and regular guest Gabe Toro, film critic for The Playlist and Jump Cut Junkies unravel the mystery:

    4:40 mins - Is there any point talking about this year's Oscars.  Oh, go on then.  But be quick.

    15:20 mins - Gabe tells us about the limited release motion picture event 'Come Out And Play' directed by MAAAAAAAKINOV.

    21:30 mins - The larger question concerning 'Jack The Giant Slayer' is not how unmemorable it is, but why was it made in the first place?

    32:20 mins - Is 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' too stuffed with characters to keep from falling apart?  Are the cast of 'First Class' getting shafted in favour of the old guard?  Is X3 a sexist piece of shit or just a piece of shit?

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - Days Of Future Makinov (audio version)


    Superman The Movie (1978) - An In-Depth Video Analysis

    If you've never had the opportunity to be part of a test you are.

    As promised, here is a preview for our ultimate Superman retrospective series which we hope to bring you in the coming months as we build up to the release of 'Man of Steel'.  And it won't be as boring as just covering the six previous films.  We intend to do in-depth podcasts on everything Superman has ever touched (television, comics, musicals, you name it).

    But I want your feedback this time.  I know how many passionate Superman fans are out there and I know how many passionate Superman retrospectives have already been done.  So if this doesn't measure up to what you've already seen and you don't care to see any others then it would be really helpful to know.

    So please take 90 minutes out of your week to join Phil Gee discuss his favorite film of all time in exhausting detail with Jamie Williams, Randall Maynard, Justin Korthof, and Robert Meyer Burnett.

    Note: This is still a rough version without opening or closing credits (cause I haven't made them yet) but the retrospective itself is the full deal.  It couldn't very well be any longer could it?


    Movie Moan - Bulgaria Makes A Better Future World

    Poor Jamie.  It seems as if Louisiana has been displaced as every studio's go-to place to shoot.  Bulgaria is where it's at.  Find out how this week in a show that starts on such a bunny trail that Superman had to spin the world back in time just to redeem it.

    Joining Jamie and Phil for a near 90 minutes of fun is the delightful Mr. Edward Douglas of

    2:40 mins - Holy 1960's action figures Batman!

    6:40 mins - Ok, let's try this whole podcast thing again.

    17:55 mins - Who out of the three of us saw 'A Good Day To Die Hard' which of us took a stand against UK censorship?  Oh darn, well that's spoilt it.

    26:05 mins - Han Solo returns to the big screen and the future Star Wars universe feels a little bit smaller already.

    42:25 mins - So just what is Brad Bird's 'Tomorrowland' all about?  Phil has a crazy idea.

    48:35 mins - Why Sam Mendes should return to direct a James Bond film.........eventually, but not right away.

    61:45 mins - Edward and Jamie say their final words on the most interesting Academy Awards in years.  Meanwhile, Phil explains what exactly they have planned for the actors who played Bond.

    82:10 mins - Edward has a very weird Sean Connery rumour to throw at us and Phil tells you what special treat you're gonna get next week.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - Bulgaria Makes A Better Future World (audio version)


    Movie Moan - Is The Academy Run By The Galactic Empire?

    ...just one example of the bunny trail one can go off on in discussing a single insignificant line of dialogue in Star Wars and how there is certainly some potential to expanding that story with solo films.  So are me, Jamie and Gabe Toro (for the ten mins of the show he is able to appear for) completely happy about it.

    Of course not.  This is Movie Moan:

    5:30 mins - Wedge?  Porkins?  Lobot?  IG-88?  Yak Face?  Which character needs their story told in the first installment of 'Star Wars Origins'?

    23:40 mins - Which blockbuster 30 second spot won the Superbowl and how badly did WB drop the ball by not showing up?

    34:10 mins - Duncan Jones directing 'World of Warcraft'?  It'll probably never happen but let's play along for now.

    46 mins - Plaaaaaaaaaanet Huuuuuuuuuuulk..........IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - Is The Academy Run By The Galactic Empire (audio version)


    Movie Moan - The Winter 2012 Box Office Results Show


    It's time for Jamie, Phil and special guest Shawn Robbins from to do battle once more as they see how well they did in predicting the US box office grosses for the movies of Winter 2012.

    It's not about whether Phil won, it's about whether he got any right.

    The second, and far more important, question is how did you at home do?  We'll be picking a 'web winner' for the closest prediction from those who contributed their own last October.

    And if you want to skip ahead to a specific film (probably cause you thought you won that one), here are the cliff notes:

    4:55 mins - Wreck It Ralph
    12:10 mins - Flight
    18:20 mins - Skyfall
    27:30 mins - Lincoln
    32 mins - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II
    39:30 mins - Rise Of The Guardians
    45:40 mins - Life Of Pi
    49:30 mins - Red Dawn
    51:35 mins - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    65:35 mins - Monsters Inc. 3D
    70:40 mins - Zero Dark Thirty
    76:10 mins - Jack Reacher
    82:10 mins - This Is 40
    88 mins - Django Unchained
    96:25 mins - Les Miserables

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - The Winter 2012 Box Office Results Show (audio version)